Tropical Landscaping Ideas

Tropical landscaping ideas entail the vision of romantic and exotic places. These places are found in many parts of the world. They add value to a home in terms of creativity and property not to mention delight.

Tropical landscapes do not necessarily preclude high maintenance as one may infer. They can involve very low caring cost provided it is planned in advance.

Tropical landscaping ideas involve the recreation of tropical scenery. Holidays to Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, the Caribbean, Pacific Island nations, Central America and Equatorial Africa can be the source of such recreation.

From these travelling memories and experiences, you can always muster the way to achieve a tropical environment in your home.

The is one thing you should find out before embarking on a tropical landscape. You must first find out the climate in your locality. You must remember that tropical plants thrive better in hot and humid climate.

Hardy tropical plants like the sun in its full splendor. Delicate tropical plants, on the other hand, prefer filtered light.

It is time to plan the garden layout. The climate and soil have been assured to be conducive for tropical planting. The garden layout must be a picture of both functionality and practicality.

The type of the soil where the landscaping is to be done is another major consideration. Good rich soils that drain easily is the most ideal for tropical plants.

There is one most appropriate requirement for hot and dry climactic changes. This is existence of some established shade cover.

Planting drought-proof trees is one such shade cover. It will assure you of a safe cover from the heat of the sun in extremely hot conditions.

After the shade cover comes the establishment of understorey plant species. These plant species can very well be the stars of your tropical landscape.

Browse through our gallery. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a tropical paradise just outside of your home. This enjoyment is a product of tropical landscaping ideas brought to life.